Suspensions in Recife …

Last year I went to Colombia to do some suspensions, and there I lost all my equipment of suspension which included: 03 framers laser cut, almost 60 hooks, some carabiners in duraluminio and my swivel, that I used mainly for spinning beam, beyond the financial damage, I was with the professional damage: without material, how should I work?

I was super discouraged with this and I decided to take a break with suspension, stop travel, I couldn’t stand be away from home anymore,and lose too much material as I was: almost everywhere I went, something mine disappeared, clamps,  hooks and etc, in the end, good part of the money that I earned, was to recover what I had lost.

After that, I anchor myself in Recife, and I made only three suspensions: one with La Negra in Salvador and two here in  Recife, but is complicated to work without the material that I am used to, then I decided to take a break, save some money, and start all over again, I spent months without any suspension.

I think that all the good professionals, should work if they have all the necessary equipment for a good and safe work, if he is not one hundred percent with his material of work, it’s better not to work, because of that, it’s why accidents happen, the improvisation leave spaces for the accidents, and in the case of the suspension, it can be until fatal: imagine you falling down from a high place for two meters of height?

There were cases like this before here in Salvador, which that a girl fell and spent some days in E.R. but luckily, she just got the shock and the bad memories, but no sequel of the accident. After a while, she suspended for the knees.

I was afraid that something like this happen. So I stopped for a while and tried to recover everything.

But I’m back now! I bought all the basic stuff to work correctly and safely. Still missing some things, but only my whims, as swivel and carabiners, these materials are expensive here, but I can wait for them.

November, 24, I woke up at 6:00 a.m. I slept late and woke up very early, I started to prepare all the material, and I felt a strange sensation because I wasn’t doing this for some time, but I put all together in the old case.

The first person to be suspended was Aline, she came from Salvador only for this, and waited one year almost until I recovered my material and be able to do it. But when she arrived here, we had another problem: place for suspension, which I think it’s always the most difficult part for me, I’m always looking for a nice place for suspension.

After two weeks of searching, and two lost flights, We finally find a fantastic place that worth all delay.

Anderson Santiago, the photographer and the third suspended person, found a good place called Center Productions, a fantastic place. They gave us all the morning for do the suspensions.

Anderson was the first person which I suspended for the knees, in September 2003, and after this, he stopped sometime and now he wanted to know how was the sensation of the position of suicide, and this was a perfect day for it to happen: fantastic place and just a few people in the environment, leaving everything very quiet and peaceful.

My friend Melissa was also waiting for be suspended for one year. She decided to go and look the suspensions, and finally agreed be suspended. She was confident and wanted to make a lotus position. The same position of the first one, Aline.

For the photographic work,  I had the help of my girlfriend Athena Farias, also Anderson Santiago and Gabriela Machado. They did a good work and I’m glad of it.

The people suspended were: Aline, Melissa and the Anderson. Thanks for trust on my work guys.

Below you will find the links of the people involved in this work, for those who want to contact the professional photographers, or add the suspend people to take any questions. Just click on the photo to contact.


Suspended people:

To see all the photos, click here:


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